PCAP Inspector
Visualize your PCAPs !


PCAP Inspector allows for quick and seamless segmented steps to prepare a focused and comprehensive analysis within Wireshark. During your visual and statistical analysis, select, and export the desired segments of your PCAP data, immediately importing your data into Wireshark.

Visualization - illustration

Take advantage of our super-fast visualization technology to master your PCAP data.

  • Multi-dimensional parallel coordinates plot
  • Multi-scale scatter plot
  • Infinite zooming capabilities
Always responsive - illustration

Investigate and explore your PCAPs as fast as your brain can.

  • Change visualization settings as you go and transform the way your data is represented
  • Compute on fly and exploit top level statistical indicators
  • Switch seamlessly between capturing the big picture and focusing on the details
Divide and conquer - illustration

We offer powerful functionalities in a lightweight approach.

  • Use the PCAP protocol tree to filter the columns of interest
  • Limitless segmentation of data based on any packets properties
  • Narrow down your research perimeter while extracting key elements of your data
  • Reveal weak signals by discarding the noise
Spot anomalies easily - illustration

A picture is worth a thousand queries...

  • Visually find hidden correlations using the parallel coordinates view and the scatter plot
  • Use the correlation engine to connect different flows
Scale to your hardware - illustration

Use every bit of CPU GPU RAM horsepower you've invested in.

  • You can process PCAPs of any size, as much as your hardware can handle (up to 2 billions rows)
  • A highly parallelized engine is embedded, maximizing multi-core architecture resources usage
  • PCAP Inspector uses hardware accelerated rendering if GPU is available

This Is The New Way To Hunt

What for ?

PCAP Inspector provides a distraction free environment to leverage your PCAP data and explore your network.
It allows users to quickly perform:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Incident forensics
  • Cyber Hunting.
  • Weak signal detection.

For Who ?

A variety of users can benefit from PCAP Inspector :

  • Network and system administrators who need to fix infrastructures and spot the root cause
  • Non-expert users of Wireshark who need simple interfaces
  • Expert users of Wireshark who’ll be able to make correlations over many parameters at the same time.

Key features

PCAP Inspector allows you to face challenging PCAP files.
It provides:

  • An intuitive visualization to investigate PCAPs without constant need of complex queries
  • The ability to load large PCAPs up to 2 billion packets (i.e. hundreds of Gigabytes)
  • Very fast import process
  • Filters and statistics are obtained nearly instantaneously

Easy deployment

We’ve made it simple to install PCAP inspector:

  • Linux (through Flatpak)
  • Windows 10 (through WSL)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): CloudFormation Quick-Create template to deploy on your own instances

Try it NOW !

  • Join a live demo to test PCAP Inspector directly in your browser with sample data.
  • Or fill out a form to receive a 30 days license with full functionality.
  • In the following videos, you can see PCAP Inspector in action

    Discover how easy it is to import PCAPs, select the relevant fields and start an investigation.

    PCAP Inspector and Wireshark

    PCAP Inspector allows for quick and seamless segmented steps to prepare a focused and comprehensive analysis within Wireshark. In this video we'll see how easy it is to filter and split big PCAPs, and export them into Wireshark for further analysis.

    Introduction to PCAP Inspector

    In this short video we'll go over the key features of PCAP Inspector.

    Prep-work with PCAP Inspector

    In this video we'll work on the profile builder and see how we'll build our work environment to focus on what we are looking for.

    Top-Level analysis with PCAP Inspector

    PCAP Inspector allows you to easily analyze PCAPs from a top-level view without losing the details.

    Real-life Use Cases


    • Weak signal detection in PCAP of DDoS attacks and DNS amplification attacks
    • Lateral movement detection of attackers in an industrial and SCADA network
    • Botnet detection from network traffic captures as seen from the backbone
    • Data leakage and exfiltration detection


    • Investigation of the VoIP protocol: Medium series.
    • Initial PCAP analysis before integration in an Elasticsearch cluster
    • Features identification in large PCAP to prepare usage of Machine Learning algorithms
    • Troubleshooting of network performances based on detailed understanding of protocols interactions in large networks